Marine Navigation System

CMAP Charts updates continuously to ensure you have the best experience and provides you with the latest maps and functions. What’s more, today’s seafarers are trained to know the function and operation of all modern navigation equipment which makes navigation smoother.
Its downloadable offline graphics help you stay safe while sailing, fishing, or sailing, so you can have a stress-free time.

Customize your maps: Save routes, waypoints, and tracks, all accessible while offline. You can also include a review and a picture to remember that special day or share your trip with your friends and family!

A navigation map is a derivative map that is used in determining the position and direction or navigation. Navigation maps can be land, sea, and air navigation maps. As the name implies, the navigation map is adapted for use for navigation on land, sea, or air.

Marine Navigation Map (Nautical Chart)

A marine navigation map or nautical chart is a topographic map of the maritime area and surrounding coastal areas. This map contains information found in maritime areas such as sea depth, land height, natural features such as seabeds, detailed coastlines, tide, and current information, details of local magnetic fields, and man-made products such as lighthouses, bridges, and ports.

Navigation maps are important to use in shipping because they are very useful for directing the ship to the port or to the destination dock. In addition, because this map also contains the topography of the seabed and rocks, this map can help ships to avoid reefs so that the ship does not sink. Marine navigation maps are made in color for ease of use. The difference in color is given to the features of man-made, land, the seabed which is visible at low tide, the seabed which is always underwater, and also the depth of the water. Depth is calculated from the datum chart according to IHO standards. Usually used LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide), which is the lowest tide predicted for the full tide cycle. However, in areas that do not experience tides, MSL (Mean Sea Level) is usually used.

CMAP Charts allows you to:

• Find the best route to your favorite place with Autorouting
• View AIS data: see the boats around you within a 100 km radius, as well as their position, speed, and course
• Get weather information
• Find relevant information about marinas, ports, beaches, shops, and more
• Personalize your own map: highlight the map area based on the size of your ship, use your favorite unit of measurement, create route places and tracks
• Help others find the best places by sharing places, routes, tracks, reviews, photos, and more
• Save the places you want to visit and access them later from any computer or device

Maps can be used online for free. You can also purchase one of our 70 new regions as a renewable subscription and download the graphs on your mobile device to save data and enjoy maps even in remote areas without a connection.

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