Why Night Time Beauty Routine is Important to Keep Skin Healthy?

Sometimes, after a rough day, just sliding into the bed seems tempting. But that huge mascara and eyeliner with foundation make it impossible to sleep. You can cheat sometimes, I mean, who’s watching literally? Is it a crime? Well not really, but it surely is torture to your skin.

All beauticians recommend cleaning the skin with makeup remover before going to bed. When you apply makeup you are closing the pores all day. Your skin needs oxygen to breathe and stay healthy. If you don’t remove the makeup, the skin doesn’t get a chance to breathe which leaves behind reactions due to harsh chemicals in beauty products.

This helps in opening pores that were closed due to makeup. It gives the pores a chance to breathe after experiencing all those harmful chemicals. These chemicals are also participating in increasing waste and polluting land, air, and water. We can take small steps by starting to use eco-friendly items in beauty products. This will keep our earth safe and protect our hair, skin, and body as well.

The Willow Trader manufactures eco-friendly everyday essentials to protect the planet. Their products are manufactured with renewable, organic, and recycled materials like stainless steel, bamboo, and charcoal. They provide service to anywhere in the UK with products that are vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free. You will get wholesale makeup pads, Vitamin C serum, konjac sponge, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo cotton buds, hemp oil, aloe vera serum, bamboo charcoal toothpaste, charcoal dental floss, etc.

Drawbacks of sleeping with Makeup on Face

  • When you don’t remove mascara or eyeliner from your eyelashes it can infect your eyelash roots and make them swollen, also makeup from the face can seep into your eyes causing discomfort, irritation, and sties. If you don’t want to wash your face, then simply keep reusable cotton pads and wipe it eco-friendly make-up remover.
  • When you wear make-up all day it collects dirt, bacteria, and germs which stay on the skin even at night when you don’t wash your face. This can trigger acne as pores are blocked with dirt and germs, thus even cleaning the face with a cleanser will help if not washing the face.
  • Sleeping with makeup means keeping pores closed all day and not allowing them to breathe which eventually stops collagen production. This can lead to wrinkles and a faster aging process.
  • Study shows that sleeping with make-up on lips leads to chapped and dry lips. Your lips also have pores and they need to breathe for freshness, therefore wipe the lipstick off your lips at night and apply a soft lip balm to keep it smooth and hydrated.
  • Blackheads are also one of the reasons makeup should be removed before night sleep. Otherwise, these blackheads become tough to remove and other dermatological treatments are used to get rid of them.
  • You will get dull skin as makeup goes deeper into the pores clogging the pores and resulting in darker and dull skin as well as larger and painful acne.

 Cleaning the pores regularly may sound tiring. However, just use a simple makeup remover and dab a cotton pad on the skin to remove all dirt. It is the best and easiest way of keeping skin fresh.

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