Why is renting a copier profitable?

The purchase of a printer or a professional industrial copier is an expense that can significantly damage the company’s budget, especially if we are just gaining a position on the market, and with it a portfolio of regular customers. Therefore, instead of buying devices such as Canon printers or copiers, following the footsteps of large companies, it is worth taking advantage of the advantages of leasing these devices.

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Is the rental of a Bizhub printer or a photocopier from a reputable company a service also for small ones? How much can we gain and how much can we lose by renting the necessary office equipment? Why do we still prefer to buy? These and many other questions about renting and leasing – in fact, both of these services are the same – answers the article below, in which we present the advantages of not having office equipment.

I have no hardware, no problem

As we have already mentioned, for a small enterprise the cost of purchasing the necessary office equipment is a large expense, even if it is divided in to installments, it still involves additional costs, which we learn about only when using the device. After all, you should keep in mind the regular purchases of consumables – paper and toner – as well as regular servicing of the equipment and the costs associated with the repair of any failures. All this means that the actual cost of office equipment significantly exceeds the cost of its purchase.

When deciding to rent a Bizhub copier or printer, we forget about the costs associated with the operation of a given device. In practice, this very often means a monthly cost close to the amount of the installment – if we bought the device in installments – the cost includes much more than just the payment for the device, for which we have to take care of ourselves. Very often, the costs of renting a photocopier include:

  • rental of the device for the period specified in the contract,
  • constant supplies of consumables (paper and toners),
  • regular service inspections,
  • regular maintenance work,
  • removal of current faults and hardware failures,
  • a replacement device in the event of more serious failures.

In the case of purchasing the device on our own, we can only count on free warranty repairs, and there may be problems with them. Of course, the leased device, despite regular payments, never becomes our property – this argument is often raised by opponents of a long-term lease of office and multifunctional equipment. On the other hand, the cost of the lease is included in tax-deductible costs, and after the end of the rental period, we do not have a device that quickly loses its value, which we will have to dispose of sooner or later. In addition, many companies offering the rental of printers, copiers, and other multifunctional devices give users the opportunity to replace the device during the rental period with a newer model, thanks to which we always use the latest technologies.

All this together makes the lease of a copier and any other office equipment an increasingly tempting alternative to owning this device.

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