Profession / Career Aesthetician Description


Profession / Career Aesthetician Description. Everyone who is interested in pursuing the world of beauty can take beauty courses which can be found on to get an official certificate and then be called an expert.
A beauty expert or aesthetician is a term for those who are trained and skilled in performing beauty treatments.
The esthetician provides counseling and provides programs tailored to the client’s goals and conditions. For example, Dermal Filler, Botox, or Lip Filler.

Beauty experts can also handle clients who come for relaxation purposes.
A beautician is required to be able to provide the best and of course safe solutions for various skin health problems of patients even regarding reconstructive procedures through plastic surgery.
A beautician can work in a beauty clinic, health service center, even a cosmetic company.
But if you want a career abroad, of course, you must have an international license!


Aesthetician beautician actually, beauticians, and skin doctors (dermatologists) can both answer skincare needs.
A dermatologist who is also an aesthetic expert can prescribe.
For example, to treat acne, treat skin aging problems, or uneven skin tone.
Profession / Career Aesthetician Description.
If someone takes a beauty course and then works in the beauty field.
It’s not necessarily a doctor.
In this field, there are also skilled workers who do lasers, peels, botox, and so on.

It turns out that you can become a beautician without the title of a doctor.
Everyone who is interested in pursuing the world of beauty can take a beauty course to get an official certificate and then be called an expert.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Carry out skin health counseling for clients in the clinic.
  • Analyzes consumer needs and provides recommendations on beauty products.
  • Providing a program that suits the client’s goals and conditions.
  • Performing beauty treatments on the client’s face and/or skin.
  • Educate clients about the risks that can arise from a medical action and how to overcome them.

Knowledge and Expertise

  • Observation ability
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Ability to perform analysis
  • Communication skills
  • Serving orientation
  • Understanding of dermatology

Career Path

Beauty experts with a medical background usually start a career as a general practitioner and then continue their specialist education in skin and genital health.
Beauty experts can also go through specialist education but take special education in the field of beauty.
Well, doctors who are proficient in the field of beauty can be medical staff in beauty clinics, hospitals, or other secondary and tertiary health service centers.
There are also beauticians who are not doctors.
Usually, they work in salons, spas, or aesthetic clinics led by dermatologists or beauticians.

Benefits of Aesthetic Beauty Course:

  1. For female students, at home who want to open a Modern Beauty Care Services business at home
  2. For the Medical, they can open a Modern Aesthetic Treatment Business with International Services as a Side Business
  3. Who are in the business of beauty products / MLM can develop to combine with beauty services
  4. Who have a small capital, do not have a place to serve Beauty On Call with an Official Certificate of the National Education Office to increase your client confidence.
  5. For those of you who have not been able to find a job after graduating from college, any major can open a beauty business with the very attractive turnover.
  6. For those of you who like to care for skin, you can save on care costs outside and can open a business while free caring for free at your own place.

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