Office Pod the Smart Solution for a Quieter Workplace

Want to know more about Office pods? Come on, see the explanation below! Lately, many workers complain that the office is not conducive because it is too noisy so it is difficult to concentrate. Usually, this is especially the case in offices that apply an open space layout.

According to Susan Cain, 30 to 50 percent of workers are introverts. It’s not that they are shy, but these workers do have the ability to concentrate easily if they are in a crowded place. If that happens, it will cause the performance, productivity, and efficiency of employees to decrease and harm the company. To overcome this problem, an office pod was created that provides a quiet workplace so that you can focus on work.

What are Office Pods?

Office pod or office pod or can be called an indoor room, is a smart solution to solve various problems in the office. Pods were originally developed in modern offices to provide a private, enclosed area in the middle of open space.

Office pods come in a variety of styles, sizes, and functions to suit your needs. The purpose of making office pods is to ensure workers get comfort and peace while working in the office.

The development of the office pod started from a telephone booth which was also used for online meetings with clients. Because it has a maximum soundproofing system, so loud noises from outside can be minimized properly.

Office Pod Functions

Following are the general functions of office pods:

  • As a phone booth
  • Workspace
  • online meeting
  • Offline meeting with a certain capacity
  • As a waiting room
  • Office Pod Powerful Features
  • High Soundproof System

Office pods offer a quiet place for workers who need high concentration in getting their work done. For this reason, the office pod makes walls inside with 3.5-inch insulation and high-quality wall insulation. This way, it is guaranteed that the office pod can drown out all noise from outside.

Advanced Ventilation

No need to worry about the haunting stuffy air, the office pod is designed with good air circulation. Using a fan inside the pod will allow air to flow within 1-2 minutes.

There are many outlets available

No need to worry for those of you who have many electronic devices, or are going to make a presentation during a meeting. Usually, 1 office pod has many 15 A sockets, with a voltage of 110 V. With fast charging to work equipment, you will no longer be constrained because the socket is always fully used.

Lighting System

The office pod lighting is carefully selected and will provide comfort to the eyes during work. In addition, the use of glass skylights makes the office pod more open with natural light.

Modern Design

Office pods are designed with advanced materials, textures, colors, and technology in mind. It has a simple and sleek design, perfect for your office or home.

Benefits of Using Office Pod

There are several types of office pods in terms of usability, namely privacy pods, and meeting pods. The difference lies in the size, function, and facilities of each pod. In addition, it has enormous benefits and of course involves the performance of work in the office.

Here are some of the advantages and benefits of implementing personal pots and meeting pods in the office:

Troubleshooting Noise

Maybe you have experienced an incident during a meeting with an important client, suddenly the office noise suddenly made a noise. This results in discomfort between both parties, and may even lead to you having to relocate. However, nowadays many office pods are manufactured using acoustic materials that can absorb outside sounds. So that the virtual or face-to-face meeting process can run smoothly.

Increase Concentration and Productivity

The fact is that when you work, at least 25% of your working hours will have trouble concentrating. The reason is that your focus is distracted by seeing a coworker watching a video or singing. In order to maintain continuous productivity and restore concentration, you have to bother looking for a quiet place. The use of an office pod in the corner of the co-working space can be a solution for lovers of peace.

Create Privacy

A caring office is an office that is able to solve problems and make employees comfortable working at home. But the fact is, employees, don’t like to linger in the office or until someone skips work because of a lack of privacy. Data shows 95% of office workers need a quiet private space.
But 41% – 45% of offices do not provide access and facilities according to the wishes of their employees. Therefore, office pods can be a solution to meet the needs of employees to have personal space even though they have to take turns.

Protecting Company Secrets

Having a shared office or co-working space has many drawbacks, one of which is confidential office data. Because you are in an office that is also used by other companies, you must feel anxious when many other employees pass by your office cubicle. By using an office pod that has advanced technology such as soundproofing and blinds, you don’t have to worry anymore.

How? It must be fun, right, have an office pod in the office?

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