London EPC for Domestic and Commercial

You will need an EPC Certificate London whenever the property is sold or rented in the UK. It’s easy enough to get one through an accredited appraiser or by asking your real estate agent.
EPC Certificate London will give you a good handle on the energy efficiency of your home and how you can save money.

Currently, there is no requirement to follow the recommendations, however, the 2011 Energy Act stipulates that from 2018 it will be illegal to allow buildings that do not meet minimum energy performance standards.

Just like school grades, ratings range from A to G.
The Energy Performance Certificate will show the energy efficiency of your home based on a score from A to G.
The most efficient rank is A and the least efficient is G.

In terms of EPC, a higher rating means that your property may be more isolated and more energy efficient. Some things to consider: Attic insulation and wall insulation, Double glazing, Boiler age and condition, Heating control, Energy saving lighting.

If a property does not have an EPC, or the EPC has expired without any further triggers requiring it, the property is outside the scope of the regulations.

But some buildings don’t even need London EPC:

  • Residential buildings intended to be used for less than 4 months of the year.
  • Temporary buildings with a planned use period of 2 years or less.
  • A stand-alone building with a total usable floor area of ​​less than 50 sqm.
  • Certain protected or registered buildings and monuments.

Energy Performance Certificate London to help owners and occupants make their buildings more energy-efficient, and can identify recommendations that could qualify for Green Deal financing.

The Energy Performance Certificate London is valid for 10 years. They must be made available free of charge to potential buyers or tenants at the earliest opportunity, and if Energy Performance Certificate London is available, the advertisement must show the building’s energy rating (although it is no longer necessary to attach the front page of the Energy Performance Certificate to the material).

For commercial buildings with an area of ​​more than 500 sqm that are frequently visited by the public, the Energy Performance Certificate London must be displayed where available.

For new buildings, obtaining the Energy Performance Certificate London is the responsibility of the person doing the construction.

The London Energy Performance Certificate can be generated using the Simple Building Energy Model, or another Approved Dynamic Simulation Model (DSM) real estate agent.

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