Laptop Repair provides services in your home as a laptop pc and computer service company. With the increasing need for laptop PC and computers and also seeing the development of the times, we need service services that can always serve consumers to be able to see all problems with laptops, PC, and computers.

Computers that have been used for too long will definitely need software or hardware updates to continuously improve device performance so that productivity is not hampered. However, laptop problems are not limited to age, you may face a small but annoying problem, and no one in your company or home knows how to fix it. If your company does not have an IT team, that means you have to find a computer service provider to provide services in your home that is safe and reliable.

Common Laptop or Computer Problems

Computer problems usually start small and can become problems if not noticed by the user.

Problems that often occur on computers or laptops include:

Reboots itself or shuts down

This problem usually occurs when there is a problem in the hardware, such as overheating. Overheating occurs when the fan is not working optimally or the thermal paste in the processor has dried up.

The computer is totally dead

If the computer is totally dead, you need to check whether the computer has an electric current or not. If you have connected the power source but the computer does not turn on, it means that the damage is to the motherboard.

Computer hangs / slow computer

This condition occurs when the processed data is higher than the processor and RAM memory capabilities.

Blue Screen

This problem is usually followed by a computer restarting itself and the cause can be from installed software, hardware, or even a virus.

The computer can turn on, but cannot enter the operating system

This problem usually occurs because there is damage to the hardware or software. Hardware that is often problematic is the hard disk because that’s where the operating system is stored. If the hard disk is damaged, the operating system cannot be used. Loss of important files in the operating system, virus attack, even formatting the partition where the operating system is located can also cause this problem.

CPU turns on, but the monitor is off / RAM is problematic

This problem occurs because RAM is not detected properly. RAM functions as temporary storage for running processes, so if RAM is a problem then there will be no devices.

Make a beep sound

Beeps are usually heard when you first turn on the computer and occur because there is a fault in one of the hardware installed on the computer. The beeps you hear can vary depending on the problem. However, not all beeps indicate a problem, because some BIOS beeps once at the start of booting and the computer runs normally.

Cannot be online on the internet

The cause of this problem is usually the disconnection of our computer to the computer network, the computer is blocked from accessing the internet, the wrong configuration of browser settings.

Virus Explosion

The virus attacks the server system and spreads to all computers in the network. As a result, network system performance is slow.

Why Use Computer Services?

Computer or laptop problems can occur from small to large things. However, usually from a small problem, it can become a big problem if it is not noticed by the user.

Not everyone understands how to fix a laptop if it happens to the device they are using. Therefore, you must look for computer service services. Computer and laptop service services to repair laptop and computer problems in your company.

The advantages of using computer services are:

  • Reliable and trusted technicians
  • Laptop Repair provides service to your home within 3 hours 24/7 including Saturday and Sunday
  • Serving software installation, upgrading RAM / SSD / HDD, and replacing damaged components such as RAM / SSD / HDD, keyboard, and screen.
  • Competitive costs

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