How to escape from the city with the help of paintings?

It’s very easy!

It’s enough to hang prints of paintings with beautiful landscapes at home. Just look at them and your imagination will do all the best. You do not need to buy a ticket to the Alps or to the Mediterranean Sea. Hang one of Claude Monet’s paintings in the room, he has many paintings depicting the sea and walking along the coast. Every time you look at a walk along a cliff somewhere in France, you will imagine that you are walking there yourself.

Gardeners House At Antibes Claude Monet

The Cliff Walk Pourville

If you work a lot at the computer, if you have to think a lot at work, then you definitely need to be distracted and relax. canvas prints of paintings or original paintings will help you, it all depends on how much money you have. Prints are cheaper, and original paintings can be 10 or 100 times more expensive. Of course, you can buy a reproduction of a painting by some famous artist, for example, Van Gogh. Such a painting will be beautiful, but it differs from the original very much.

Make your apartment or office more cheerful, let the atmosphere there become more relaxed and laid-back.

There is already a lot of stress in the modern world. Many people are very nervous, especially if they have lost their job or someone close to them has died. I recommend you the Henri Matisse prints of paintings, his pieces of art are very colorful and interesting. They have a lot of warmth and energy. It is very pleasant to be in a room where such lively and energetic paintings hang. Any person with a bad mood will leave this room in a good mood.

Vase of Sunflowers Henri Matisse

Madras Rouge Henri Matisse

Also, if you like to fantasize about an erotic theme, then there are many beautiful erotic paintings drawn by talented artists. For example, The Cursed Woman by Nicholas Francois, this painting depicts a beautiful gentlewoman who receives unearthly sexual pleasure, surrounded by male angels. Or a stolen kiss – very mysterious and intriguing, with an erotic context.

The Cursed Woman Painting 1859 – Nicolas Francois Octave Tassaert

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