How to decorate the interior with paintings and photos: 10 useful tips

Do you ever go to see someone and everything appears to be fine in the room, but something is missing or the interior appears to be uncomfortable? Such associations can arise even when photographs or paintings are placed incorrectly or not at all in a home or apartment.


However, if these decor items are chosen correctly, they can do more than just cheer you up. You can visually make the space wider or higher with their assistance.

Vertical photos and paintings, for example, create the illusion of a high ceiling, whereas horizontal ones visually expand the room.

What techniques will aid in the effective placement of wall decor?

1. Photos and paintings hung above the headboards of the bed and sofa look the best. It is preferable to keep them in the same style as the interior so that they do not stand out from the general background. It’s also a plus if they don’t go beyond the furniture they’re above.

2. It is still fashionable to arrange them along the same axis (horizontally or vertically). Color, plots, and materials can all be used to create compositions.

3. Do you enjoy anything out of the ordinary? Then you can use a chaotic arrangement combined with various decorative elements, such as mysterious masks or letters. Then it is preferable to keep a certain degree of coherence between them and the interior of the room.

4. Those who like to change things up at home should put photos or paintings on narrow shelves. The frame dimensions do not have to be the same. The main thing is that they should all have one thing in common. Allow them to all be black and white, with the same frame color.

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5. When this exposition is echoed by furniture, a fireplace, and books, it creates a very harmonious atmosphere. Furthermore, you can constantly update and add to the collection. This option allows you to avoid damaging the room’s walls.

6. If there is a space between the windows, it can be used to display paintings and photographs. Black and white portrait photos look great in the living room or on a stairwell.

7. Images of the same size, passepartout, and frames look stunning in the interior. Passepartout is a fantastic decorative element that adds the needed lightness to works of art. You can achieve harmony between the frame, the image, and the wall by using color shades.

8. If you intend to focus on only one element, the size of your pictures and photos is important. It is worthwhile to listen to the advice of experts in this situation.


A picture that is too large visually shrinks the space. And a photo in an overly small frame will appear lonely and sad to others.

9. It has become fashionable in modern interior design to divide a single composition into parts. This is a creative field. The main thing is to hang them close together at a short distance. This type of design is known as a diptych or triptych.

10. They may or may not be the same size. The important thing is that they combine to form a single composition. As a result, the space can be made lighter and more airy. At the same time, the room appears to be very stylish.

Paintings and photographs”> not only add beauty to the interior, but they also become a part of the soul of your home and can help you regulate your mood.

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