Here is How You Can Avoid Your Internet Overage Fees

How frequently do you go through the monthly usage limit of your internet connection? Or have you ever wondered how much you are paying for the internet services you use in a month? If you have not then you should because the average of the internet users remains least bothered to check the internet bill thoroughly which may cause to pay an extra fee every month.

Rather than being ignorant about this overage fee you should be concerned about the extra amount that you are paying each month with your internment and TV bills. And make sure to take the right measures to resolve this problem. But if you are not sure what you can do about this issue then fret not!

Here is a list of some tips that can help you to avoid internet overage charges. This article will help you to get maximum benefits from your existing internet package as well. So, keep scrolling!

Four Basic yet Amazing Tips to Avoid Internet Overage Fees

We all can agree that nobody wants to pay any extra fees when it comes to their TV and internet services. That is why we are here to help you! Below are the top four basic tips that will help you avoid any internet overage fees.

Get a Legitimate Password for Your Router

It is quite difficult to control the internet usage of your internet package. No one wants to allow third-person interference to share the Wi-Fi. Especially, when the person is not a part of your family and willing to share your bandwidth.

To avoid such troubling situations, it is recommended to set a password for your Wi-Fi. Moreover, make sure that your password is not public otherwise there will be no sense to have it at all. Do not forget to build a strong password for better safety and security of your internet device.

Ensure That the Auto-Play Feature of YouTube Is Off

The auto-play feature of YouTube allows you to watch back-to-back videos automatically. Check if you experience the same while watching videos on YouTube. If yes, then turn this feature off immediately especially if you usually do not watch videos, continuously. By disabling this feature, you can save the overage of your monthly data.

Disable Auto-Play Feature on Facebook

Just like YouTube, there is an auto-play feature on Facebook that automatically plays videos one after another. Similarly, this feature allows videos on your timeline to play automatically when you scroll it down.

This automation seems convenient but it eats up most of your usage limit monthly. Interestingly, all this happens without asking for your consent and bringing it into your knowledge. The majority of you must have no idea about this hidden data eating activity.

However, through a simple method, you can easily disable this auto-play feature. By disabling this feature although the videos will not play automatically you can play your favorite one with a single click. So, don’t worry!

Move to an Unlimited Plan

You can also move to other internet plans if it seems that your existing package cannot meet your monthly requirements. Moreover, despite following all the tips in this blog if you fail to prevent internet overage you better switch to an unlimited internet package.

In a Nut Shell

Hopefully, these tips will help you in avoiding internet outrage fees. You can also check the amazing packages by WOW! Because it is a one window solution for your internet and entertainment need. Get your favorite news, updates, streaming, and more on WOW! TV Schedule so you can never miss important news and your favorite shows.

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