Benefits Hotel Management System Information software Web application

Benefits Hotel Management System Information software Web application. To creating a Hotel Management System consisting of several modules. One of them is Room reservation software which is used for the Room Division.
The global recession that is currently hitting the world has greatly reduced the reception of guests visiting hotels. Many visitors cancel travel plans in the context of traveling.
This cancellation certainly had a significant impact on the hotel business. Therefore, the hotel management needs to further improve services for visiting hotel guests in order to leave an impression and become a reference for other guests. One way that can be done is by providing a hotel management information system.

The modules supported by this program are the reservation module, reception, uniforms, information, cashier FO, and the audit module. The work performed in all of these modules can be processed and recorded with this program.

This program is designed to meet the operations of various types of hotel businesses.
Ranging from ordinary hotels, large hotels, resorts, villas with room sales systems per hour, per package, per month, per year, per room, or per building.
In addition, with a room rate system that varies for each type of sale based on the day, or based on a specific travel agent.

By using this program, hotel management can save about 60% of normal expenses for paper supplies.
The printing of forms used in hotel internals has 3 months archive-resistant properties.

The advantages obtained by implementing a Hotel Management System are:

employee time monitoring software Make it easy for the hotel front office staff to handle all room, guest, and hotel visitor information, as well as make the necessary routine reports.
Saving time and effort can encourage guest and visitor services to the maximum.
Make it easy for the Hotel Manager to evaluate the progress of hotel revenue so that they can make the right and fast decisions to continue to increase revenue in the form of promotions or other services.
Can serve guests, visitors, and other hotel service users quickly and satisfactorily so as to create a good image of your hotel so that it will come back or inform others about the satisfaction of the services they receive.

Hotel Management System Information System Features

This hotel management program has various facilities to assist front office officers in handling room conditions booked by hotel guests or visitors.
The use of this program starts from the time a hotel guest/visitor makes an order, check-in to check-out.
All data is stored and processed by the program.
Benefits Hotel Management System Information software Web application.

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