Basic SEO tips for your business website

Basic SEO tips for your business website. There are many things you need to put in place for your business to thrive. They range from having a good accounting system in place to have a functional and responsive website. To create a good accounting system, you would need to see financial accounting courses online reviews to see the right accounting course that you can attend to get a good knowledge on creating a good accounting system for your company. You can also hire a reputable financial accounting company after reading about them on

When you have a website, you should make search engine optimization a priority if you want your website to thrive. A lot has changed, and you need to keep abreast of it. However, you have to be careful so as not to drown in the many SEO techniques. Here are basic SEO tips you need to take note of:

Eliminate whatever slows down your page speed

Page speed is an important factor in SEO. People don’t want to wait five minutes for a website to load anymore. They simply close the page and move on. That is not good for your business website as it could mean death in the marketplace. Even a mere one-second delay can cause you a loss of about 10% in conversions. There is a big demand for speed, and if your page speed is slow, you are fighting a losing battle. To combat this, put only important widgets in your sidebar.

Link to other websites

The founder of Copyblogger Media, Brian Clark, states that linking to other blogs with relevant content is key to growth. Some people think it is bad because it takes people away from your page but it does not. It is a crucial part of a good search engine optimization strategy. You should even link out to your competition.

It portrays your website as an authoritative one with lots of valuable resources. You can notify those you link out to so that they can share your content with their audience. However, always remember that it is quality over quantity.

Tailor your content to your readers

It is bad practice to write for machines before humans. A lot of people stick to the old method of SEO where keywords mattered more than valuable content. Instead of attempting to manipulate search engines, you can capitalize on long-tail keywords. If you are passionate about helping people with your content, you will be surprised at the amount of traffic and money you will get in the long run. Forget about search engines when writing and focus on enhancing the user experience and connecting with your audience.

Set up web analytics

After you have defined your SEO goals, you need to track how your website is faring. There are lots of software that can help you with this. They show you where visitors are clicking on your site and how they navigate away from it. Ensure you already set up these web analytics before you send anyone to the landing page.

Use readable and simple URLs

Your users should be able to understand your URL or else, you will confuse the search engines. URLs with numbers don’t tell the readers what to expect from the content, so you should not use them. From your URL, your readers should have an idea of what your content is about. Optimize your URLs. The more memorable, simple, and search engine-friendly your URL is, the more effective your SEO strategy. SEO is very important, and if you want to scale your business, you should not take it lightly.

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