What To Expect On Our Investigations

Many people ask us what is included in one of our investigations and what makes us different from other groups.

In short, most groups work the same way but the organization is different.

The team arrives before our attendees to set-up night vision cameras in the most active areas leading to our Hub(s), if acquired amenities are available, to record any Paranormal Activity. We have between 4-8 cameras (4 per hub) depending on the size of the venue.

On arrival, you will be greeted by our Team and shown the allocated area to place your belongings. This is then followed by an Introduction to UK Shadow Seekers and a Health and Safety Talk, which is normally by one of the Trustees of the building (if available).

Our investigations are kept small and intimate with a maximum of 24 – 30 guest on a night, depending on size of the venue, who are then split into three smaller groups allowing more time to possibly ‘experience’ something paranormal.

During the night, we will visit each allocated area for an approx. 45 – 60 mins vigil, then we shall break for refreshments which are provided throughout the night (this will be stated on the investigations page)

The UK Shadow Seekers aim is to give you the chance and the experience of being a Paranormal Investigator for the night. So your involvement during our investigations is most important.

Guided by our Team Coordinators, you will be encouraged to participate, as we aim to give you an insight to being a Paranormal Investigator.  So When Booking With Us, Be Prepared

Whilst encouraging you to call out, you will also be given the opportunity to use various items of equipment and traditional techniques to record data, audio and even environmental fluctuations, giving you a hands-on opportunity to experience a paranormal investigation in a safe and informative environment

Some of the investigative techniques the Team will be doing include:

• EMF Readings – detecting disturbances in the electromagnetic field.

• EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) – looking for strange voices or sounds in digital recordings.

• Spiritualist Techniques (Dowsing Rods, Pendulums & Yes/No Divination) – attempting to communicate directly with any ‘presences’.

• Cameras – We set up video cameras that run all night to detect any anomalies.
On past investigations, many have captured some great photographs and video footage, so guest are encouraged to bring their own cameras (still & video) to aid in their investigation.

With your help, we try to do a complete investigation by working not only from a Mediumistic point of view but a scientific one, as research can only be done properly if you cover all the bases.  We strongly believe that serious professional paranormal investigations can help us to answer many compelling questions within the Spirit World.

At the end of the evening, based on the findings on the night, we will ask YOUR opinion as to whether the location is or is not, haunted!

So if you want the REAL THING, that’s what we give you.

We would also like to stress that all our investigations are carried out with the utmost respect to the Owners, the Property and most importantly the Spirits, whom, we remember, as in this life or the next, people are still people.

Always playing by the rules, looking into all other possibilities first, we try to justify claims of such phenomena.   Giving you just a general history of our locations, so we don’t influence our guests, on the night.

We state in our Terms and Conditions that we never guarantee paranormal activity will take place on the night of the event.  As we’ve always said ‘you cannot turn it on like a light switch’

A report will be available on the site shortly after the investigation.

Disabled Access: Unfortunately, most of the locations we investigate are unsuitable for those with mobility difficulties due to the possibility of uneven floors, Numerous steps that are on occasion steep etc. However, please contact us if you wish to speak to us about this further.

You will also have the opportunity to order a T-shirt and other available merchandise. We can also offer you an unedited DVD’s of the night, at £6.50 per Hub inc. p+p (please allow 28 days for delivery) should you wish to do so, but you are not obligated. In the event of two hubs please specify your preference (Hub 1, Hub 2 or both).

Any suggestions on how we could improve, are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

We hope that you will enjoy your evening with the UK Shadow Seekers

If you do, tell your friends, If you don’t ~ TELL US


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