Paranormal Equipment

Tools of the Trade


We currently have 2 x 4 Camera Hub Systems 

Emprex ME1 High Definition Multimedia Player/Recorder Enclosure
We use these to ensure that we record the whole night in its entirety and alleviates any tape or disc changing.

We have 2 of these DVR's and can set-up 2 separate Hubs depending on location size.


CCTV 4 Camera Quad Multiplexer

This connects to 4 CCTV cameras located in the most active areas and connected to a screen so you
see what is happening throughout the Investigation whilst we are recording. 



8 x 30 LED Night Vision Wired IR CCTV Security Camera
We are able to set up 4 cameras to each individual Hub during the night. 

It activates 30 integrated infrared illuminators that allow the camera to capture images in complete darkness up to 35 feet away.



Red Illuminators

The Red Illuminator acts as a kind of flood light for video cameras operating in "Night Shot" mode, thereby extending
the field of view.

They also allow you to see better in the dark without dazzling you or destroying your night vision.
We also have an infrared torch for any individual light enhancement.


Environmental Monitoring Equipment

E.M.F. Meters - Electromagnetic Field
An EMF meter (Electromagnetic field meter) is a scientific instrument form measuring electromagnetic radiation which comes from electronic equipment.

Some believe that EMF readings are useful in identifying the presence of spirits.

Low level and moving electromagnetic fields are said to occur at locations that are experiencing paranormal activity.

We use these to do our baseline tests before investigations to rule out readings coming from electrical appliances and cabling.


REM Disturbance Device (REM-DD)

The REM-DD emits an electromagnetic field around its antenna and displays any field disturbances on its 4 different coloured LED’s as well as audible tones. The sensitivity can be adjusted by the height of the antenna before turning on the device.

Set up in locations that have said paranormal activity. it can be monitored by your camera to record any activity giving you both an audio and visual alarm when something comes close. It can also be used as a communication device like to K2.



EM Pumps
An EM Pump create an electromagnetic field that can allegedly feed paranormal entities.  
We have actually made our own, consisting of
a motor propelling a magnet, throwing its force into a field.




Static Ion Detectors
It is said that paranormal activity can ionize the air to produce negatively charged particles called ions. Therefore the phenomena is easy to measure with an air ion counter. 

Another gadget we have put together, the Ion detectors can also sense the presence of static electricity in ourselves, so touch something metallic before use, to alleviate your own static 




IR Thermometers
These are a useful tool for locating and tracking "hot and cold spots".

We have also used these to ask the ‘Spirits’ to lower or raise the temperature with some interesting results recorded.




Ghost Hunter M2
Yes I know, it's an app but its not cheap and is growing in popularity amongst Paranormal Investigators

With five different tools in one application, this is one of the most comprehensive ghost detecting tools available. 

There is an EVP tool, similar to a ‘Spirit Box’ which measures energy and translates this into spoken words,  and we have had some good results too.

An EMF or electrical magnetic field detector which can detect slight fluctuations in the surrounding magnetic fields that spirits are said to have an effect on. 

It also has a motion detecting Geoscope which, when placed on a solid surface, will detect movement.


Photographic and Recording Equipment

Night-Vision Camcorders
We use all types of night-vision camcorders which record on Hi 8, Mini DV, HDV (High Definition Mini DV) and DVD format.

We diligently check the footage after each investigation and if any Paranormal Activity is captured we download to DVD to be shown and discussed at our meetings.



Digital Cameras
We use all different types for trying to capture orbs, figures, mists, etc. and documenting the Location details. The higher the resolution the clearer the picture will be.

Keeping in mind that the pictures taken with them may not be considered hard evidence due to the lack of negatives,
but we are not here to earn money from proof of anything Paranormal we may find.



HQ EVP Recorders
The recorders are placed in specific areas and will be used whilst on vigils, in the hope of capturing any EVP's  (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

We would then download through sound recording computer software to isolate and analyse.



Other Equipment

IR Beam Breaker Detectors
This consists of two parts, one an emitter and one receiver.

An infrared light beam is emitted between the two parts and if this is broken an alarm will sound. We use motion sensors on Stairs, Landings and areas that will not be disturbed during the night, by the living.




We always supply a Red Light or Ultra-Violet Torch on our investigations as these will not destroy people's night vision unlike standard torches.




Cobra MT200 Micro TALK - 2 Way Radios
These allow us to communicate with other group members during the night to verify their position and in case of emergency.





Pendulum Dowsing
Pendulum dowsing is an old method to divine the unknown.  The pendulum is traditionally a crystal hung by a chain that will swing in various degrees to determine whether energy is present.

It is believed that the energy in an area will be detected by the crystal and prove the existence of energy fields or
ghosts in an area.


Dowsing Rods
Usually constructed of brass and bent into an L-shape to find Ley Lines, which are believed by some to resonate a special psychic or mystical energy. These are alignments of ancient sites; they are thought to be the earth’s natural energy lines.

Some people believe that spirits may use these as a way of traveling quickly from one place to another. It is also believed by some that if two Ley Lines cross then it makes an opening to another dimension. Another theory is that UFOs travel along Ley Lines just as cars use roads and highways.




These are essential because Spirits are thought to be responsible for draining battery power during investigations, though proof of this is yet to be established.



Notebook and Pen
Always essential for keeping a record of possible paranormal activity and the time it occurred. This is very useful when documenting the investigation and can later correspond with any camera footage during analysis. Spare pens are also essential.










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