Original Team 2007
From Left to Right: Christine Whittaker, Steve Taggart (Back), Susanne Taggart, Ange Shepheard, Frank Robbins (Back), Barbara Brindle, Eric Jones (Back), Jon Roberts and Vinny Brindle





Tameside’s Resident Paranormal Group are a not-for-profit, volunteer-based team of experienced investigators. 

Based in the North West, we invite you to join us as we investigate some of the UK’s most reputedly haunted locations and their history of strange occurrences, at a reasonable price.

Established since 2007, we are proud to be Affiliated Members of the KTPF Paranormal Community and due to our professionalism, have successfully achieved recognition within the Paranormal and Spiritual field, as we work together to better our understanding. 

On Investigations, we set-up night vision cameras leading to our base, in the hope to record any Paranormal Activity.

Your involvement during our investigations is most important.

Guided by our Team Coordinators, you will be encouraged to participate, as we aim to give you an insight to being a Paranormal Investigator.  

With various experiments, using our equipment and traditional techniques to record data, audio and even environmental fluctuations such as electromagnetic fields,and getting fully involved within the investigation.

With your help, we try to do a complete investigation by working not only from a Mediumistic point

of view but a scientific one, as research can only be done properly if you cover all the bases.  We strongly believe that serious professional paranormal investigations can help us to answer many compelling questions within the Spirit World.

Always playing by the rules, looking into all other possibilities first, we try to justify claims of such phenomena.   Giving out just the general history on our locations beforehand, so we don't influence our guests on the night.   As if we did, we would have to dismiss most things that people may pick up.

With a team experienced staff members, the UKSS are qualified to a high standard, including Officers covering Health and Safety, First Aid and Fire Safety.  Being well- trained to look after you, with key roles within the paranormal community for many years, as well as other occupations concerning Customer Relations.   Providing your investigation with guidance and polite staff, the experience is intended to be enjoyable and cost effective.

So if you want the REAL THING, that’s what we give you, if not, then our group isn't for you.  We state in our Terms and Conditions that we never guarantee paranormal activity will take place on the night of the event.  As we've always said 'you cannot turn it on like a light switch'

We would also like to stress that all our investigations are carried out with the utmost respect to the Owners, the Property and most importantly the Spirits, as we remember they were people too when they were alive.

So Do You Dare to Join Us in our Search for the Paranormal?


Charity Investigations
Whilst returning to our popular old haunts, we constantly seek new locations to investigate, as well as hosting Charitable Investigations that UKSS Members can attend. (See our Events Section)

Being proud supporters of the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association, the Friends of both Morecambe Winter Gardens and Bradford’s Bolling Hall, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Denbighshire & District and other Organisations, we welcome anyone who would like us to host a Charitable event, but the onus is on you to cover the cost of the location and depending on distance, a minimal contribution to travel costs may be expected.

Derby Royal Infirmary January 2010
From Left to Right:
Frank Robbins, Michelle Russell, Simon Mellor (Front), Ashley Johnson (Back) Susanne Taggart, Steve Taggart (Back),
Gail Lomas, Eric Jones (Back) Paul Lomas (Front), Barbara Brindle and Vinny Brindle

Please feel free to view Updates and Investigation Reports and discuss all kinds of topics within our forum.  Remember your input helps us to identify new areas of interest for future ideas and to add new content

So why not get involved, its your site too.

If you like what you see, Tell your friends, if not, Tell Us!

Margam Castle 2010
From Front to Back: Dave Geard, Susanne Taggart, Michelle Russell, Barbara Brindle, Gail Lomas, Kat Mayer,
Ashley Johnson, Paul Lomas, Frank Robbins and Steve Taggart 


Giving You an Insight into Paranormal Investigating

The UKSS Paranormal Group
Affiliated Members of the KTPF est. 2007



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