View the strange things we have caught on our night vision cameras.

Are they ghosts or spirits?  We’ll leave that for you to decide….

An Orb appears to comes out from the wall?
Numerous reports by guest of a Blue Lady seen in this area.... Could this be her?
Glass comes from nowhere at the Roe Cross Inn - Part 123rd July 2009
Taken at the Roe Cross Inn, Mottram-in-Longdendale, Cheshire we had a bout of glass tumblers being thrown after the pub had been closed. The first was smashed into six pieces in the men's toilets just as Steve was walking in. The second two in the bar area were caught on camera but sadly the footage is so dark it's not very clear to see. This video is the first glass.
Credits go to Steve and Sue Taggart for capturing these.
Flashing Light by Vinny Brindle
Taken at Parkside Hotel in Pontefract (known to be haunted) you can see a flashing light (orb) move up.
Spooky Lift by Vinny Brindle
This clip (cut down from 60 mins) was taken at the Roe Cross Inn, Mottram-in-Longdendale while on a paranormal investigation with UK Shadow Seekers. I left my camcorder in the lift for an hour and the lift doors shook 3 times. The lift remained on the ground floor throughout the recording and the doors that shake do not open on the gound floor as there is no opening, only the doors behind the camera open. There is also a thudding noise that seems to come from inside the lift.
Foxdenton Hall 15th Jan 2011
Highlights of footage caught by our nightvision cameras
Foxdenton Hall 18th Feb 2011

On Camera 3 the doors closes but you can see the room is empty from camera 1
This door had been open all night


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