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Welcome to UK Shadow Seekers (UKSS)
The Paranormal Team That Involves You!

An internationally acclaimed Not-for-Profit, Volunteer-Based Team based in the Greater Manchester areas of the UK.

Established since 2007, we strongly believe that serious paranormal investigations can help to answer many compelling questions within the Spirit World, which can only be done properly if you cover all the bases.

Inviting you to join us, as we conduct a complete investigation by working not only from a spiritual point of view but a scientific one.  Providing you with a professional investigative experience, into the history of alleged hauntings and strange occurrences reported at some of the UK’s reputedly haunted locations.

With guidance and politeness, the experience is intended to be enjoyable and cost effective as our team members, which includes qualified Safety Officers, encourage you to participate throughout the evening.

Offering You the Chance to Experience the Unknown
Using various experiments and traditional techniques, such as Glass Divination, Ouija Board
If You Wish, Lone and Team Vigils, plus your chance to take part in a reconstruction of a typical Victorian Séance.

So When Booking With UsBe Prepared!
Are you brave enough to explore the realms of the other side?  
Then c
heck out the events available now.  
Go On, Do Something Hauntingly Different.

Have fun and thank you for considering UKSS


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